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Evening activities

Cultural or sports activities are organized by our facilitators, but all students are encouraged to suggest and organize evening activities of their choice.

Evening activities take place from Monday to Thursday, from 7 to 9:30 pm. 

Examples of evening activities

  • On the first Tuesday of the program: big volleyball tournament opposing the classes and their teacher
  • Movie night
  • Conception of a variety show and rehearsal
  • Presentation of the variety show
  • Swimming at the Cégep pool
  • Organizing a soccer tournament;
  • Prepare a Murder Mystery evening;
  • Animate a necklace-making workshop;
  • Organize a card tournament;
  • Animate a make-up and manicure evening;
  • Organize a dodgeball tournament;
  • Animate a yoga session;
  • Create a jogging club;
  • Etc.