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Languages at Work is a summer employment program for youth 18 to 30 years of age designed to provide Canadian Explore students with a practical summer job experience and a chance to practice and improve their second official language skills.

Following the completion of the Explore program, the participant could have the opportunity to stay in their host region for job placements ranging from 6 to 8 weeks!

Jobs available in Bas-St-Laurent

 Explore students attending Rivière-du-Loup during the Spring session can participate In the Languages at work program offered by l’École de français de Rivière-du-Loup.

And imagine!  We have already received many job offers!

Explore students will be offered job opportunities in the magnificent region of the Bas-St-Laurent and there is a Languages at Work Officer to help you find the french summer job of your dream!

Click here : List of job examples in Rivière-du-Loup



Rivière-du-Loup is a small city on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River in the Province of Québec. It is located in the in the beautiful region of Bas-Saint-Laurent, 200 km east of the Québec/Lévis National Capital region. The region is also bordered on the south by the State of Maine and New Brunswick.

What the program offers

Local Project Officers

Students participating in the Languages at Work program benefit from the services of a local Project Officer who will act as a link between Explore students and employers.

Our Languages at Work Officers are responsible for matching students and employers. They will also help you revise your resume, prepare for job interviews and find accommodations in the area.

For information, please contact Réjean Chatigny:

Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup
[email protected]
+1 418-862-6903 ext. 2099

Team 2022


If you bought a return ticket for the end of the Explore program, we will refund the cost of the change of date and the price difference between the old and the new plane / bus / train ticket. The return ticket is not paid in full.

Competitive Salary

You will be paid the provincial minimum wage ($14,25) and you will also be entitled to receive an additional salary increase of $1.00, and an additional salary indexation of $1.35 per hour.

Salary also varies depending on the jobs.

How to register

You are interested in one of our jobs and want to stay in Riviere-du-Loup after Explore? You can write to us right now to plan your registration to the program.

However, if you’re still unsure about participating in the program, don’t worry. You are not required to register before your arrival. Once you have arrived on site for the EXPLORE Program, the local Project Officer will meet with all the participants and you can make your decision whether or not to participate in the program.

The hiring process is similar to any other; the participant will have to submit their resume and interview with potential employers. Only then will the participants find out if they have been selected for employment. Please note that we cannot guarantee a work placement as it varies depending on employers’ needs as well as the level of the participant’s second language.


To participate in the program, you must be:

  • an Explore Bursary recipient;
  • between 18 and 30 years old;
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • available to work after the Explore Program course session;
  • interested in working in your immersion language.

The main criteria for approving a job offer is whether it provides a concrete opportunity for the participant to practice their second language skills in a professional environment.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of jobs that have been offered in the past in Rivière-du-Loup:

  • Reception and operations team member
  • Server
  • Barista
  • Summer camp counsellor
  • Daycare assistant 
  • Kitchen helper
  • Tour guide
  • Receptionist
  • Cashier
  • Fruit and vegetable kiosk clerk
  • And much more…

The selection of candidates will be based on their resumes, the interview process they will go through and the specific needs of employers.

You become responsible for your own accommodation. Some institutions will allow you to stay in residence after the end of the Explore program for a fee. Elsewhere, you will be responsible for finding a host family or joining a group of Languages at Work participants and renting something together! But don’t worry, a project officer on site will help you find an accommodation adapted to your needs. 

The participant is responsible for his transportation costs to and from the Explore program. However, if a participant decides, throughout the Explore program, to take part in the Languages at Work program, we will refund the fees for changing the date of your return trip (with proof of payment).


It is important to note that we cannot guarantee you a job. Ultimately, the number of placements depends on the number of employers recruited and the number of Explore participants who wish to benefit from the program.


Unfortunately, the work experience must be in the same region as where you did your Explore program.

The job starts immediately after the end of your Explore program.

The Languages at Work program is designed for youth between 18 and 30 years old, inclusively.